NCPM is an expandable braid cable jacket, manufactured in monofilament polyester. Formulated to add mechanical protection for groups of cables, it is easily fitted by pushing back the jacket over cable bundles. On compression, NCPM diameter expands over the bundles and retracts to hold the cables neatly in place. The braiding material is resistant to attack from most solvents, heat up to 150¡C and is self extinguishing.
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Physical Properties

Expansion ratioup to 3:1
MaterialMonofilament polyester
FlexibilityVery flexible
ColoursBlack, Grey
Resistance to abrasionVery good

Thermal Properties

Operating temperature range-50°C to + 150°C
Maximum peaking

Chemical Properties

FlammabilitySelf extinguishing
Moisture attackResistant
Fungus attackResistant
Solvent attackResistant to most solvents

PRODUCT CODE REF.Nominal Size Range (mm.)Nominal Roll Length (mtrs.)
NCPM42 – 7100
NCPM53 – 9100
NCPM107 – 15100
NCPM1510 – 2050
NCPM2014 – 2625
NCPM2518 – 3425
NCPM3020 – 4025
NCPM4030 – 5025
NCPM5040 – 6625